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Prodigious work


author: Lincoln Scorsoni


This artist is increasingly improving. This work was a masterpiece.






author: SHIRLEYQ


H,D&C is brilliant chill-out music for winding down the day or for stress reduction on the job.  The album contains pure joy, momentary joy, feel good music.   The songs are laid back and very relaxing, and also soothing on the eardrums when wearing headphones.  Stella 13's voice is soothing and ethereal.    I think that 7and5's music is very therapeutic and invigorating.





author: Pat O.


I've been following 7and5 ever since his 2006 debut In a Moment's Time. His every album since them is just pure improvement and class with this one being no exception. Looking forward to the next album.




another enchanting piece

author: PN


7and5 keeps bringing us music that takes us away from the here and now.  The beautiful layers of sounds and hidden little treasures keeps you playing the CD over and over and over again...  Well done and Thank you.


Miracle Music

author: Joshua Strait


I was somewhat surprised in how much I respected the album, almost immediately. The music therein tends to bridge many gaps between new age, electronic, and just plain piano music. I believe everyone will love this album because of the power behind the music. The artist is brilliant.


Great CD


author: Matt B.


Great CD! Heard many great songs from 7and5 on The Weather Channel.




Really Fantastic

author: Juan A.(Spain)


I`m spanish. Es uno de los mejores discos que he escuchado desde hace tiempo. Es realmente muy muy bueno. El grupo es genial. Altísimamente recomendable.