Silver Bells


7and5 reworks this classic Christmas song into their lush New Age / Chill sound.

7and5 has been on a Cinematic/Electronic/New Age trek since 2005, which saw the debut release titled "In A Moment's Time". Since then, there have been six more albums, each building on the core sound but always looking to break into new sonic areas and attempting to stretch this splicing of genres that defines the 7and5 sound.

Nixon's early music production roots come from the drum machines, sequencers, arpeggiators and synthesizers of the 1980's. In this album 7and5 explores these roots in depth as well as the melodic approaches of the earlier 7and5 albums. In total, it is a definite look back as 7and5 continues to always be moving forward.

After all, the very first 7and5 track was called "Never Look Back', a rule surely meant to be broken

All music composed, arranged, produced and mixed by John H. Nixon Mastering: John H. Nixon (c) 2018

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