2005 - 2017


Here is a compilation of the best 7and5 tracks from 2005 through 2017. Covering the first five albums, plus the addition of four all new tracks...this is a perfect collection of this unique New Age / Chill sound.

All music composed, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered by John H. Nixon (BMI) Tracks 13 - 16 copyright 2017 All others copyrighted previously

7and5 Bio:

In 2005, 7and5 released the debut album In A Moment's Time and had immediate success when the song “Never Look Back” garnered the attention of legendary New Age music label Sequoia Records. It was added to their Buddha Lounge 6 compilation under the title “Forward Way Back”. The initial goal was never to just create an album; but to create a sound palette that could grow and evolve. So, the challenge was to create not one, but three albums …each one growing out of the last with new sounds and ideas each time. “Trading Stories” was released in 2007, and jumped out of the gate quickly, receiving sales orders from all over the globe, and The Weather Channel embraced it in their local "On The 8's"broadcasts. The song “Sleepwalking” was listed in the “Best of 2007” by RadioMystic internet radio.

2010 brought new sounds, new ideas, and a new album called “Hope, Destiny, and Choice”. This saw the first use of lyric by 7and5, featuring ambient vocal wizard Stella13 on 2 songs; “Driftwood” and “Whispering” which was also tabbed for another Sequoia Records compilation. This time it was Celtic Lounge 3 where "Whispering" was included under the name “Whispering In The Trees”.

2012 saw the release of the 4th album entitled “Oceans”. Inspired by the short novel “Anthem” by Ayn Rand and the themes in the Jonathan Livingston Seagull soundtrack and movie; this album represented an ever broadening sound in the evolution of 7and5, and has been described as a more cinematic sound than ever before. Bigger sounds, bolder ideas, and a major pioneering effort in the genre of electronic new age music.

September, 2014 was the release of "Themes For A Grey Day". The 5th album by 7and5 which dared to step deeper into the realm of Cinematic New Age music than the previous release "Oceans". If you never thought of New Age as music to be listened to loudly; then you will need to experience the power of this new release. Eschewing the fads of employing hip-hop or dubstep rhythms like many other artists were exploring, 7and5 moved to a more natural and arena-sized sound for the new rhythms on this album.

In 2017, 7and5 released a four song Christmas EP called "O Emmanuel" and also recorded four new songs exclusively for this collection. This album is not meant to be a career retrospective, but just a stop along the way.

So that is the first dozen years...

Tune in and turn it up...

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